Accessibility Statement

External view of the Causeway Hotel

The Causeway Hotel Access Statement

The Causeway Hotel
The Giants Causeway
Causeway Road Bushmills
Co. Antrim
Northern Ireland 

Telephone: 44 (0) 287031210



The Causeway Hotel is located on the cliff top alongside Northern Irelands Iconic ‘Giants Causeway’ and sits within the boundaries of the World Heritage Site.

Access to the hotel is via public roads and car parking is available directly outside the front of the hotel. A number of disabled car parking spaces are provided adjacent to the hotel entrance door. Due to it’s close proximity to the Giants Causeway there may be traffic queues to get onto the site during busy periods between June and September.

Mobile phone reception is intermittent at and around the Hotel. Visitors should also be aware that some networks will roam to Republic of Ireland due to our proximity to Donegal, in the Republic of Ireland. To avoid incurring charges roaming should be turned off when visiting the Giant’s Causeway and the Causeway Hotel.

In an emergency contact the reception staff at the hotel who will be able to assist and call the emergency services if required.

Wifi is available throughout the hotel.

Assistance dogs are welcome at the hotel.


Arrival & Parking Facilities


Follow the signs for The Causeway Coastal Route whether coming from either Larne or Derry/Londonderry directions. The Giant’s Causeway will be signposted within a few miles of the site and the Causeway Hotel is located next to this. The nearest village is Bushmills, with Portrush, Ballintoy and Ballycastle also in the vicinity.o in the vicinity.



Disabled parking and provision:

Car Park 2 is located directly in front of the Causeway Hotel.
Twelve accessible designated bays are provided close to the entrance to the hotel.
The travel distance from the furthest bay is 25 meters to the hotel entrance.
The spaces are clearly marked and signposted.
The Car park has a paved surface with sloped kerb stones giving access to the foot path in front of the hotel.
In the event that all the disabled bays are full visitors can be dropped and picked up close to the hotel entrance.


There are visitor toilets, including an accessible toilet off the bar area on the ground floor.

Accessible toilet

The accessible toilet is 1600mm by 1800mm.
The toilet is left hand transferable.
The height of toilet seat is 550mm
The width of the door is 870mm
There is a mixture of natural and artificial light in this area. The artificial light is provided by recessed opaque spot lights.

accessible wc


Main toilets

Within the Ladies toilets there are 3 cubicles.
Within the Gents toilets there are 3 cubicles plus 2 urinals .
There is a mixture and natural and artificial light in all the toilets. The artificial light is provided by recess opaque spot lights.
Automatic hand dryers are provided in all the toilets.
There is a changing places facility in the Giants Causeway Visitor Centre which is accessible via a key obtainable from reception during opening hours. This facility is not available at night.


Visitor Reception

The hotel is entered via a small porch at the front of the hotel.
The entrance door is 870 mm wide.
There are two manually operated glass doors beyond the porch. The doors open both ways. Each of these doors is 950 mm wide. Hotel staff can help visitors hold these doors open if required.
There is a short ramp up into the reception area.
The gradient of the ramp is approximately 1:6.
The reception area is carpeted.
There is a low reception desk.
The area is lit by a mix of artificial and natural light. The artificial lights are LED.
There are chairs available for visitors to use.
There is no induction loop at the hotel.

entrance ramp


Bar area and restaurant

The area is fully carpeted and is level throughout.
There are various styles of chairs and tables available.
Wheelchairs can be accommodated at most of the tables. Staff will assist visitors in moving furniture as necessary.
There are double doors into the bar which are held open. The width of this doorway is 1680 mm.
There is a single door into the restaurant. The width of this door is 850 mm.
There is a second entrance to the restaurant from outside the hotel. The width of this doorway is 1600 mm. Please ring the hotel prior to your visit if you need to use this entrance.
Meals can be served in either the bar area or the restaurant.
Staff are able to take your order at your table.

Please note: The carpets and wall paper on the ground floor are both grey and there is not good contrast between the walls and the floor.


Overnight accommodation

There is no sleeping accommodation on the ground floor of the hotel.
There is no lift to take visitors to the upper levels.
A stair-lift is available for hotel guests to use but due to fire safety restrictions any guests using this equipment must be able to get down the stairs unaided in order to evacuate the building in an emergency.
Staff may ask visitors about this before allowing them to use the stair lift.
The space at the top of the stairs is restrictive (1200 mm x 1200 mm) and visitors may not have space to transfer to a wheelchair.
The weight limit of the stair lift is 20 stone (127 kg).
The first floor of the hotel is split level with a number of short flights of stairs between each level.
The stairs and corridors are carpeted.
There is good contrast between the walls and the floors.
Lighting is by artificial LED lighting.



There are a number of styles and sizes of bedroom available. The smallest bedroom on the site is 4.3 m x 3.5 m
The width of bedroom doors is 870 mm.
All rooms have at least one standard double bed.
There is both natural light from windows and artificial light in the form of a central ceiling light and bedside lamps. There are no fluorescent lights in the bedrooms.
Chairs are available in some rooms.

accessible bedroom


Ensuite bathrooms

Dimensions at least 2.0 m x 2.2 m
There are baths, WC’s and basins in all ensuites
please note: there are no grab rails provided.

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